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Tanmyah services have grown and varied as the company size grew and reached a mature state of organization stability. With its new competent leadership and skilled staff, the company is capable of carrying out the main property development and management tasks with greater efficiency than ever. Besides the property management and development services which include commercial and residential developments in addition to specialized properties such as hotels and school structures, Tanmyah offers real estate investment research and analysis and property evaluations.

Property Management

Over the years, Tanmyah’s team has accumulated experience in wide areas of property and facility management. Today, Tanmyah has its own full service management team to operate its revenue generating properties.

Tanmyah property management responsibilities cover all detailed activities involved in managing any property at a professional level. The services include maintenance, cleaning, security, and even collection.

Most of all, the property management system centers around tenant relations management and is geared towards understanding the needs of the tenants of any property. That way, the team ensures meeting the expectations of tenants, which will result in higher satisfaction, which will also be reflected on the end consumers and shoppers of the properties.